While hearing blood viscosity, people always worry that is a disease and think if blood goes viscous, it will flow slowly, and result in thrombus and Vascular occlusion. When elders go to hospital for a body check, doctors will remind them of drinking a cup of water to help dilute blood and prevent cardio cerebral diseases. Summer is coming, many people think it is easier for blood going viscous. Anyway, when speaking of blood viscosity, it will cause panic. Of course, blood viscosity is not a good signal, we should find a solution to resolve it.

blood viscosity

But doctors do not think blood viscosity is so much important which is highly cared by elders. When diagnosis, doctors never list blood viscosity as an index. Blood viscosity is just one index of Blood rheology. But this index is not so perfect, its reliability is limited. We need to combined with other conditions and indexes of patients to make a judgment. Factors influencing the blood viscosity includes red cells, platelet, fibrin, blood fat, blood sugar and many other indexes. Many people have blood viscosity, but not all of them catch thrombus. Since thrombus is resulted by combination of many factors, not only blood viscosity. If vessel walls are smooth, high blood viscosity will not cause thrombus. But if the blood fat, blood sugar and blood pressure are too high, it will will damage blood vessel endothelium and cause thrombus. So blood fat, blood sugar and blood press are three factors doctors will concern. Except that, smoking and fatness will also cause thrombus.


Regarding drinking water will reduce blood viscosity, it will be helpful to dilute blood, but can not resolve problem thoroghly.


In summer, as weather is hot, and water loss is bigger than other seasons, so it is easier to lead high blood viscosity.

In fact, you don’t need to feel panic when doctors tell you have high blood viscosity. Good mood, good diet habit, and more excise will keep you healthy. Go to hospital for regular body check, you need to concern more about blood fat, blood sugar and blood pressure, these three indexes.