In our life, there is always one moment suffering disease spreading through our food or water. It tells us the importance of proventing our food from germs, parasites, virus, toxin, or chemicals pollution.

Food safety

Our food may be polluted during production,  transportation, sales or other procedures. From manufacturers to consumers, everybody in the food supply chain should make efforts to ensure our food is not polluted.

Fact 1:  About 10 percents people in the world suffered diseases every year due to polluted food, and about 420 thousands people go dead. Especially, kids under 5 years old are in very high risk. Every year, about 125 thousands kids die of unsafe food. Proper food preparation can prevent most of foodborne diseases.

Fact 2: Polluted food may result in long term health problem. The common symptoms of foodborne disease are bellyache, diarrhea or vomiting. Food polluted by heavy medal or natural toxin may result in long term health problem.

Fact 3: Polluted food may affect unhealthy people seriously, and result in serious disease or death.  It may be more serious for infants, pregnant women or elders.

Fact 4: Food pollution may occur easily. Nowadays, food supply chain becomes quite complicated. Before reaching consumers, pollution may occur during food production, slaughter, process, storage, transportation and distribution etc.

Fact 5: Globalization will affect food safety. Globalization has extended the food supply chain. If any emergency, it is quite difficult to make investigation of foodborne diseases and recall polluted food.

Fact 6: Antimicrobial resistance becomes crucial problem. Angimicrobial drug abuse may generate germs with antimicrobial resistance, and spread to humans through our food.

Now, situation of food safety becomes severe, it may affect our lives, our families, etc. Every people should make efforts to “purify” our food, no matter you are a consumer, food supply company, research institutes, lawyer, or even government leader. Food safety should be the important issue we need to concern.