Vitamin D is one of the indispensable components in the process of growth and development of children, The United Kingdom and the United States Department of health had previously suggested that babies had better daily vitamin D


But recently researchers from Australia University of Queensland and Holland Erasmus Medical Center found new evidence, that Vitamin D plays an important role in the development of children’s brain. If the lack of vitamin D during pregnancy, it may increase the risk of autism in children.


The best way to supplement vitamin D in your life is to bask in the sun and eat foods rich in vitamin D, such as eggs and fish.

Now researchers based on 4,200 pregnant women and their children’s blood samples found there is continuous between autism and low levels of vitamin D. The children are more likely to suffer from autism symptoms before the age of 6 if mothers are lack of Vitamin D in 20 weeks gestation

‘ This study demonstrated that low levels of vitamin D are associated with neurodevelopmental disorders. Prenatal vitamin D supplementation can reduce the incidence of autism’ said by John McGrath in University of Queensland.

Some factors like GABA, GLu, 5- HT, Ach, NE, DA provide scientific basis for the analysis of autism.